Is there really a ‘Petcurean Difference’?

They’ve been making premium pet food since 1999 and their lead recipe-maker has a PhD in Pet Nutrition. Petcurean is more than a little obsessed with making sure your pet gets the most nourishing food. This is why Petcurean is on our radar, let’s find out if they should be on yours. We took a close at Petcurean’s ‘Now Fresh’ range and this is what we thought:

What we love about them:

Grain-free: The entire range is free of grains so common allergens or filler ingredients like wheat, corn, soya are nowhere in the picture.

Fresh: Not only does Petcurean have a trusted network of producers for their ingredients. But these sources are located as close to their kitchens as possible so that the meat and veggies that go into your pet’s food arrive fresh.

Every Pet: At every life stage, your pet’s nutritional needs are different. Puppies need high-calorie recipes that meet their developmental needs while seniors (typically) need lower calorie foods.  Petcurean has a recipe to suit each life stage.

Breed-Specific Nutrition: Both large and small breed dogs have different nutritional needs. Petcurean takes care to tailor their recipes to suit these specific nutritional needs. For example, their food for large breed dogs contains New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussels to help boost bone density naturally. This special ingredient helps with arthritis and provides joint support (large breed dogs are especially prone to bone and joint issues).

Transparent and Traceable: Petcurean does not use any by-products, un-named meat meals in their food. One look at the ingredient section will tell you exactly what is in your pet’s food.

Human Grade Ingredients: All the meat and meat meal ingredients meet the requirements of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CIFA), marking them fit for human consumption – so your pet is getting meat that is good enough for people to eat (not just the leftovers)

They set high standards for themselves –

Petcurean’s production facilities meet the standards of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CIFA). They also make sure that they meet the standards set by the European Union (EU), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standards. As pet parents, we like that they take quality so seriously.


What we’re not big fans of:

Price point: As expected, you’re paying more for this Made-in-Canada product. But you have to remember that high-nutrition food needs to fed in smaller quantities. So, a bag of Petcurean lasts your pet much longer than a bag of your pet’s conventional dog food. (Checkout the prices here)

Accessibility: Petcurean’s food is sold only in recognised pet stores. At Heads Up For Tails, we do our bit to make the food easily accessible both in-store and online. You can order it via the website, in-store and even on WhatsApp so we can have it delivered home to you.

Any Recall? We checked to see if the FDA has recalled any of their recipes and there is no record of any recalls for Petcurean recipes.

The Verdict

As pet parents, our priority is nutrition and quality and this food passes with flying colours in both categories. The rest, we can work around so Petcurean has definitely got our seal of approval!

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