It’s honestly the best feeling when after spending months on designing a product, and coordinating a million things that go into making it- you have the ready stuff in front of you- all crisply packaged and ready to sell :)

An evening in Paris Jacket
Woolies cable sweater

There were so many Oooh’s and Aaaah’s when we opened up all our deliveries of the winter collection!

Here are some of the new products that have just arrived! We hope you like them. We’d be delighted to hear from you if there are changes/improvements we can make to future collections.

For this year’s collection, we worked with colours such as Nice rusts, oranges, Blues, Reds and Black. They look nice on our dogs, and don’t get dirty too fast either.

We’ve made easy to put on and take off styles, and have tried to add maximum adjustability to keep your pooches warm, but comfortable.

If you dog fits into almost no jacket because of a sizing issue, we recommend that you try our navy quilted jacket: This comes with a huge amount of velcro adjustability on the tummy making it super comfortable for most dogs. Moreover, its a nice waterproof material on the outside and a soft jersey inside.

Navy Quilted Jacket
And we love our range of new sweaters if your pooch prefers something cosy and snug.
For the entire range of our winter collection: Click Here!